Game Changer: One Degree’s Fresh Concepts Embraced at Expo

“They’re taking it to the next level.”

That was the buzz in Anaheim, California this spring as One Degree brought the bold twin messages of veganic cultivation and transparency to Natural Products Expo West, a key industry trade show held in the shadow of Disneyland, just a short Autopia drive from Tomorrowland.

That particular quote came from Caren Baginski, senior associate editor for, a highly regarded online resource owned by New Hope Natural Media. In a video review sent to 60,000 attendees, she placed One Degree at the top of her list of new natural products, and also described the taste of our sprouted veganic slices as “phenomenal.”

Just as significantly, New Hope Natural Media’s Nutrition Business Journal identified One Degree as a company whose innovations represent “What’s Next for 2013.”

New Hope has also honored us with three additional designations: Top 10 Organic and Sustainable Standouts, Top 15 Vegan Picks, and top natural company leading the way in the use of QR codes to promote transparency.

Among the parade of enthusiastic visitors to the One Degree Expo booth, Internet star Whitney Lauritsen, known as Eco-Vegan Gal, offered equally high praise. “I fell in love with them because of their amazing Web site,” she revealed on-camera to Blythe Metz, another prominent health media celebrity. “You can actually track where every ingredient comes from, down to the farmer.”

Phenomenal taste, respect for One Degree’s transformative ideas, praise for our beautifully lucid stories, plus the extraordinary title of What’s Next — it’s thrilling up here, on the next level.

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